Meteorological systems

ENVItech Bohemia offers you various types of sensors designed for meteorological measurements. We represent several global manufacturers. We present only examples of sensors here, because each customer requirement is assessed individually. We always prefer personal meetings to find out the needs and financial possibilities of our customers. You will receive the exact financial calculation from us free of charge.



Subcategory meteorological systems

Measurement of wind speed and direction

Ultrasonic Anemometers

The sensors work on the principle of propagation and reflection of sound waves from differently dense layers. Their advantage is the absence of mechanical gears. These anemometers provide a speed range of at least 0 to 75 m / s, direction 0-359 °. We offer two and three axis anemometers. Some types are FAA approved.

Mechanical anemometers

Robust, corrosion resistant, the design is ideal for a wide range of wind measurement applications. Cost-effective with a long tradition. Range according to model types at least from 0 to 100 m / s. Some are certified according to IEC 61400-12- (2005-12) class A, B and S, ISO 17713-1, Measnet, Classcup.


Measurement of temperature, humidity and air pressure

Measurement of temperature, humidity and air pressure are among the most commonly measured parameters. Today, there is a huge number of temperature and humidity sensors on the market, so we focus mainly on specialized and high-quality sensors, the range of which is at least from -50 to +50 ° C. The outputs of these sensors are either digital or analog, with a classic or ventilated radiation sheeld

Precipitation measurement

Rain gauges, distrometers, precipitation collectors, visibility senzor, snow depth sensor

The devices are designed to measure the amount and intensity of precipitation falling on the earth's surface. Rain gauges with a collection area of eg 200 cm² have an inlet sieve with a tilting system. Some are equipped with heating and all devices are corrosion resistant. We offer the possibility of measuring with a laser rain gauge with a reliable maintenance-free optical laser, which is designed for use in various applications and thus guarantees accurate measurement of most known types of precipitation. It is possible to measure the amount, intensity and speed of precipitation. The main advantage is the measurement of particles up to a diameter of 0.16 mm.

Special meteorological technology

Meteorological sets

We offer variant sets for measuring individual meteorological parameters, including masts.


Pyranometers, albedometers, pyrhelheliometers, ...



The measurement of the sun radiation is an important component of the meteorological data acquisition. Different sensors are used in building control systems, with the performance analysis of photo-voltaic systems up to the evaluation of plant growth. Precise and sturdy measuring technology is the basis of durable radiation sensors.

Do you want to monitor the performance of your solar energy system? Do you need to determine the best place for your power plants? Do you want accurate solar radiation data for research and development of renewable energy technologies? We offer quality solutions for measuring sunlight, UV radiation, brightness, global radiation, pure radiation, photosynthesis or heat flux measurement and more.


Other meteo

Software for monitoring meteorological parameters

We also offer complete software for monitoring meteorological



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Our QHSE / Quality, Health, Safety and Environment/ system is in conformity with all statutory obligations and requirements described in the following standardsdržiteli Authorization for the measurement of air pollutants issued by the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic and ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Management Systems, ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems, ISO: IQ NET 14001 and ISO: IQ NET 9001


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