Albedometer SRA30-D1

Albedometer SRA30-D1

Digital spectrally flat Class A albedometer with heating and ventilation

Producer: Hukseflux

SRA30-D1 Digital spectrally flat Class A albedometer is an instrument that measures global and reflected solar radiation and the solar albedo, or solar reflectance. SRA30-D1 is the most accurate albedometer available and heated for the best data availability. It is composed of one AMF03 albedometer mounting kit and two SR30-D1 spectrally flat Class A pyranometers. This pyranometer is compliant in its standard configuration with the requirements for Class A PV monitoring systems of the IEC 61724-1:2017 standard. Each pyranometer has a thermopile sensor, the upfacing one measuring global solar radiation, the downfacing one measuring reflected solar radiation. AMF03 includes one glare screen, one mounting fixture with rod, mounting hardware and tools. The modular design facilitates maintenance and calibration.




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