An anemometer (from the Greek anemos = wind) or an anemometer is a device for measuring the speed of flow or the speed and direction of flow. In meteorology, anemometers are used to measure wind speed or wind speed and direction. The wind speed is standardly measured at 10 meters above the ground.

We offer various types of anemometers:

Ultrasonic anemometers work on the principle of propagation and reflection of sound waves from differently dense layers. Their advantage is the absence of rotating parts, ie there are no mechanical gears in which part of the energy is lost and which are a source of failures (delicate bearings, limited possibility of heating as protection against icing, etc.). Our range of products is very wide, so do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in equipment that is not listed below.

Mechanical anemometers: Wind energy is transferred to a structure by which the wind rotates, rotates or deflects from a steady position. Mechanical anemometers include bowl anemometers (Robinson's cross), vane anemometers, anemometers with a swinging plate.




If you are interested in more information about the products, do not hesitate to contact sales representative directly.


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