Compact Weather Stations

We offers two ranges of Weather Station: MaxiMet and MetConnect.


MetConnect Range – reference grade professional weather stations

The MetConnect range provides a high level of flexibility, allowing different sensors to be placed at different heights (in line with
WMO recommendations) and the connection of additional, user selected, sensors. Examples of MetConnect / MetPak users include national atmospheric administrations and meteorological offices.


MaxiMet Range – compact professional weather stations

The MaxiMet range includes a number of compact integrated weather stations. These products are simple to install and use and provide high quality measurements for general applications. The MaxiMet range is popular for applications where size, ease of integration and low maintenance are high priorities. Example applications include smart cities, smart agriculture and mobile measurement systems.


Compare Weather Station MetConnect a MaxiMet - CLICK HERE




If you are interested in more information about the products, do not hesitate to contact sales representative directly.


Sales and Project Manager

Irena Kuncová



mobil_icon +420 721 237 427
mail_icon kuncova[-at-]


  • Meteorological sensors and systems

  • Samplers

  • Traffic classificators

  • Air quality measurement servic and traffic measurement service
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