Sales Department

Sales & Project Managers

Regular customers please contact your business project managers. Other according to the production below:


Sales director 

Mgr. Pavel Chaloupecký

(office Brno)


mobil_icon +420 724 095 133
mail_icon chaloupecky[-at-]


  • Ambient air quality monitoring

  • Analysers
  • Software


Senior Sales & Project Manager

Irena Kuncová



mobil_icon +420 721 237 427
mail_icon kuncova[-at-]


  • Meteorological sensors and systems
  • Samplers

  • Traffic classificators

  • Air quality measurement servic and traffic measurement service



Sales & Project Manager

Manager for quality and environmental protection

Ing. Zbyněk Novák

(office Ústí nad Labem)


mobil_icon +420 607 998 279
mail_icon novak[-at-]

  • Emission monitoring systems

  • Emission analyzers

  • Optical spectrometers

  • NANO and test filter systems

  • Project management and EIA

  • Water analyzers

  • Flood control systems 




Sales & Project Manager

Mgr. Ondřej Svačinka


mobil_icon +420 728 730 655
mail_icon svacinka[-at-]

  • Sensor stations

  • Emission monitoring systems

  • Business Area Lebanon

  • Business Area Türkiye


Sales & Project Manager

Ing. Jan Jelínek

(office Valašské Meziříčí)


mobil_icon +420 602 166 697
mail_icon jelinek[-at-]
  • Detection systems for industrial plants

  • Emergency system for leakage of hazardous substances

  • Detectors

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