Other supplies, installations and services

  • Deliveries of drones with measuring equipment for air quality monitoring (especially dust particles).


  • Installation of air sampling and treatment system from 250 m high mast in Košetice - Global Change Research Institute, ASCR, CZ.


  • Deliveries of weighing robotic systems a analytical weighing systems for weighing gravimetric filters.


  • Supply, installation and commissioning of systems for testing the efficiency of filters and filter media.


  • Supply, installation and commissioning of equipment for measurement of aerosol particle parameters (spectrometers, aerosol generators, dilution systems, etc.).


  • Supply, installation and commissioning of equipment for measuring the number of nano particles in the atmosphere.


  • Construction and complete equipment of the Experimental watershed within the Research of key ecosystems of soil and water interactions on the SoWa research infrastructure.
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Testování filtrů

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