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Traffic Measurement

We offer equipment for classification and detection of traffic load RTMS model SX 300 by the Canadian company Image Sensing System. ENVItech Bohemia represents Image Sensing Systems in the field of supply and installation of the mentioned systems.
These are radar detectors with a range of up to 76 meters, the possibility of checking up to 12 lanes.

Monitoring Soil Parameters

Soil parameters measurement is a specific area. According to customer specification we prepare a set of soil sensors, which we furnish with additional features for soil liquid sampling or for automatic data logging. We have more sensor options for example:
- Soil temperature sensors come in a variety of designs using thermistors, thermocouples, thermocouple wires, and averaging thermocouples. The electrical signals transmitted from the sensors to our dataloggers can be converted to different units of measurement.
- pH sensors measure the level of pH in sample solutions by measuring the activity of the hydrogen ions in the solutions
- soil moisture sensors (sometimes referred to as volumetric water content sensors) measure the water content of soil. These sensors can be used to estimate the amount of stored water in a profile or how much irrigation is required to reach a desired amount of water in the soil. These sensors can be used for quick measurements or installed for long-term measurements.

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