Heated probe with out-stack filtration device

Heated probe with out-stack filtration device

Heated isokinetic sampling probe, which is made of stainless steel AISI 316, useable within a temperature range up to 400 °C. To be used in applications, where a flue gas temperatures are particularly high and a large quantity of condensation could affect the whole sampling process. The integrated heated probe is available in different lengths from a minimum of 750 mm up to a maximum of 3 meters. The Pitot tube along with the thermo-couple is placed integrally outside the probe, for all detections of the required isokinetic parameters using ISOFLOW 202-PRO.

Heated isokinetic sampling probe is using a heated filter holder placed downstream and inserted in a heated box situated outside the stack. The suction tube and the filter holder have to be under controlled temperature, which provokes evaporation of possible water drops and avoid difficult filtering related to acid gases with high dew point. 

Filter holder of heated probe

The heating element is placed into the intermediate tube supported by two sealing rings. In this way, any contact of the sampled gas with thermo-resistors is avoided. Thus, the suction tube can be easily replaced with a new one made of a different material, such as glass, quartz or titanium (on demand). The probe heating working temperature is max. 200°C, regulated by the remote unit ThermoFlow200 housed in a waterproof portable housing. The thermal control unit TermoFlow 200 is equipped with 2 thermoregulators with proportional control of temperature; they can drive a heated probe and relevant heated filter holder casing separately.


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