Standard Isokinetic probe with separate sampling and measuring Pitot tube

Standard Isokinetic probe with separate sampling and measuring Pitot tube

The standard probe consists in a double line, one for sampling and one for the measurement of isokinetic conditions (S-type Pitot tube) in combination with Iso-Flow 202 measuring device.

The two lines are kept together by means of a support that allows the probes to be placed inside the stack at the same time and perfectly parallel and inserted in a holder with a 89 mm diameter standard flange. This option allows the user to replace one of the two probes with other probes having different lengths at any time. The sampling probe will have to be associated to a sampling assembly including filter holders or membrane filter holders. S-type Pitot tubes are available in standard format in three lengths: 750, 1500, 2000 mm. The Pitot tube is housed in a support containing the thermocouple for temperature detection and can be easily connected to the acquisition and sampling devices through quick-connect couplings. These are protected by a shock absorber to prevent breakage caused by accidental drops during transport. Probes are constructed in compliance with current regulations in force. Integrated Isokinetic probes for stack emission sampling are derivated, including application of 47 mm filter holder (in-stack mounting - unheated sampling probe design), and use of different sampling nozzles, which ensure full compliance to EN 13284-1 regulation.

Standard probe 1

Standard probe 2

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