Determination of the electrical charge of ultrafine aerosols from 2 nm to 10 µm for the determination of the number concentration

- Aerosol research
- Environmental measurements (high concentrations)
- Workplace measurements
- Emission studies
- Process control
- Calibration of condensation particle counters (CPC)

Interfaces                                    USB, Ethernet, RS232
Measurement range (size)             > 2 nm
Measurement range (number CN)  0 – 1.6 • 107 particles/cm3
Volume flow                                 1 – 5 l/min (internal pump), 1 – 10 l/min (external pump)
Data acquisition                           24 bit AD-converter
Data logger storage                      10 MB

Measurement range (current)        1 fA - 22500 fA
Accuracy                                      0.1 fA (0.1 Hz), 1 fA (1 Hz)

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