U-SMPS 2050/2100/2200

U-SMPS 2050/2100/2200

Universal scanning mobility particle sizer for various applications (8 – 1200 nm)

- Filter test
- Aerosol research
- Environmental and climatic studies
- Inhalation experiments
- Interior and workplace measurements

Interfaces                                     USB, LAN, AUX, RS-232 (CPC only)
Measurement range (size)              8 – 1,200 nm

Size channels                                up to 256 (128/decade)
Measurement range (number CN)   0 – 108 particles/cm3
User interface                               Touch screen, 800 • 480 pixel, 7"
Data logger storage                       4 GB

Software                                       PDAnalyze
Adjustment range (voltage)            1 – 10.000 V

Volume flow (sheath air)                2.5 – 14 l/min

Installation conditions                    +10 – +30 °C (others on demand, control unit)
Aerosolvolumenstrom                    0,5 - 3 l/min

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