Continuous dioxin and furan emission monitoring by long-term sampling. TÜV and MCERTs certified, ETV EPA approved The AMESA-D utilizes the water cooled probe method with Isokinetic sampling system coupled with XAD-II adsorbent cartridge for Long-term sampling of dioxins (PCDD), furans (PCDF) and other persistent organic contaminant (POPs).

- Isokinetic sampling by a built-in Pitot tube on the sampling probe
- Automatic continuous sampling from 4 hours to 6 weeks (programmable)

- Adsorption on exclusive XAD-II cartridge
- Dioxins of all 3 phases (gaseous, solid and liquid bounded) are collected in one cartridge

- High efficient dust filter
- Fully automated and sampling operating conditions storage
- Cooled probe composed of different materials and lengths to fit the application


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