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Main strategy of the ENVItech Bohemia s.r.o. is providing to the customer as complete range of the goods as possible in highest possible quality. Our customers are all persons, who wish to monitor the atmosphere, to implement the emergency system for safety of their operations, to comply with the act on measuring of emissions, but also persons, who purchase single temperature sensor from us. All these can rely on the fact that our deliveries and services will provide them an advantage of perspective solution for several years ahead.

The ENVItech Bohemia s.r.o. is recorded in the Business Registry for more than 20 years. Today, our customers have access to stable, prosperous company with rich experience, su€ cient ‚ nancial background and complex production range. Our employees warrant providing of high-quality services due to their quali‚ cation and experience. Majority of them work with us for more than 10 years and we are proud on the fact that employees do not leave us each year and their † uctuation is at the minimum level.

Today, we are ready to serve you from Prague, Brno, Valašské Mezirící, Trencína, or Cyprus. Our devices and results of our services can be found from Cheb to Beirut, Lebanon. Its only proper to express thanks to all our customers, suppliers and employees. Surely we must thank to owners of the company for long-term vision and perspicacious business strategy.

For many years of its existence, the ENVItech Bohemia s.r.o. continuously builds its inner structure, control and management system to be a modern and prosperous company with ‚ rm position on inland and foreign markets. The company executes its deliveries and provides its services on basis of stable cooperation with its foreign partners, long-term experience, trained work team and with maximum emphasis to satisfaction of the customer and environment protection.

I believe that you will ‚ nd here solutions of your problems and a competitive, reliable and stable business partner.
Ing. Zdeněk Grepl,