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MetPak™ Weather Station

 MetPak™ Weather Station

MetPak professional weather station is an all-in-one weather system capable of monitoring up to six weather parameters: barometric pressure, air temperature, humidity, dew point, wind speed and wind direction. The MetPak weather station has a variety of wind sensor options that can be mounted remotely from the weather station.

Producer: GILL Instrument

MetPak Base Station

The MetPak Base Station is capable of monitoring barometric temperature, air temperature, humidity and glare. The unit is equipped with an integrated barometric pressure sensor and a temperature/humidity sensor. The Rotronic Hygroclip HC2-S3 is located in a naturally aspirated protective plate.


MetPak with integrated WindSonic

This versatile MetPak variant device is equipped with the same sensors as base stations (MetPak Base Station) and is supplemented with integrated sensor WindSonic measuring wind speed and direction with high accuracy.


MetPak with the ability to connect wind sensors in remote locations

For users, who demand remote wind sensor or have other specific requirements for wind measurements. MetPak can be used for Gill's two-axis or three-axis ultrasonic wind sensors. The selected sensor can be mounted remotely, up to 10 m from the base, usually on a mast or tower.