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MetPak™ Pro Weather Station

MetPak™ Pro Weather Station

MetPak Pro professional weather station is an all-in-one weather system capable of monitoring the same seven weather parameters as MetPak RG, with additional inputs for an Pt100 temperature sensor and two analogue sensors (water level sensor, pyranometer, pressure sensor, soil temperature sensor etc). External sensors can be connected directly to the weather station via an optional junction box. MetPak Pro has a variety of remote-mount wind sensor options.

Producer: GILL Instrument

MetPak Pro Base Station

The MetPak Pro Station is equipped with an integrated barometric pressure sensor and a Rotronic Hygroclip temperature / humidity sensor.

pro base station

MetPak Pro with integrated WindSonic sensor

This variant of the MetPak Pro is equipped with the same sensors as the base station with integrated WindSonic sensor for high precision of wind speed measurements. This unit also includes inputs for up to four external measurement equipments, including the Gill's Rain Gauge.

metpak pro


MetPak Pro is fully configurable

Users who need a remotely mounted wind sensor or who have more specialized requirements for wind measurement can also use MetPak Pro with two-axis and three-axis ultra sound Gill sensor. The selected sensor can be mounted remotely, up to 10 m from the base, usually on a mast or a tower.

metpak pro