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MetPak RG

MetPak RG

MetPak RG is a professional weather station which can observe 7 meteorological parameters: precipitation, barometric pressure, air temperature, humidity, dew point, wind speed & direction. The weather station has a rain gauge input and can be supplied with the Gill tipping bucket rain gauge if required. The MetPak RG weather station has a variety of wind sensor options that can be mounted remotely from the weather station.

Producer: GILL Instrument

MetPak RG Base Station

MetPak RG Base station has barometric sensor of pressure, temperature or humidity Rotronic Hygroclip with input for classic Gill tipping bucket rain gauge.

MetPak RG Base station

MetPak RG with integrated WindSonic and rain gauge

This variant of MetPak RG has at disposal the same sensors as the Base station but with additional ultrasonic anemometer WindSonic and rain gauge for precipitation measurements.

MetPak RG

MetPak RG Configuration Options

Users, who demand remote wind sensor or other specific requirements for wind/precipitation measurements can configure MetPAk RG. There is a professional specialized tipping rain gauge, including two-axis and three-axis ultrasonic wind sensors that can be placed remotely up to 10 m from the base.

MetPak RG configuration