Stack Gas 2001

Stack Gas 2001

Portable heated sampling probe dedicated especially to VOC in emission monitoring in compliance with EN 13649 requirements. It is available with two standard suction tube lengths: 350 and 750 mm. The sampling line can be completed with a cooling line with electronic regulation as expressly required by regulations in force. The new StackGas2001 probe can be equipped with a double input device to connect it to a DiluGas™ dynamic dilution device (on request).

Optional item - Peltier Cooling Device System

The new Peltier cell refrigeration device is equipped with a solid, drilled aluminium support able to house a glass set for gas emission exhaust sampling in compliance to EN 13649 regulation. This device can house up to three Type A bubblers and coil condensers to be used for VOC sampling together with 800 or 400 mg activated carbon vials. 

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