Constant flow portable sampler belongs to the second generation of portable successful line of samplers manufactured by AMS Analitica. New for its compactness, lighter in weight, has an exclusive proportional valve for a precise suction flow adjustment. The AirCube™ COM2-TH sampler is adjustable with operational flow included in a single dynamic range between 0,4 and 30 l/min without the assistance of by-pass valves and without using particular regulators for operation in the low-flow range. Unique in its category, the AirCube™ COM2 TH sampler is powered by rechargeable batteries and directly from the electrical power network without the use of external power packs.

Sampling set example based on AirCube COM2-TH in compliance with EN 13284 regulation with modular system ISOFLOW 202-PRO and Heated isokinetic probe:

Sampling set



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