ISOFLOW 202-PRO is portable isokinetic calculator and data logger dedicated to isokinetic parameters, it delivers measurements and calculations on physical parameters as temperature, air velocity, differential and static pressure as well as barometric pressure measurements, with direct calculation of standardized volumes, in full compliance with ISO-EN 16911 requirements. It allows a interconnection to the Aircube samplers (AirCube HE and COM2-TH), allowing the user to perform a real time automatic isokinetic sampling in compliance with ISO-9096 protocol.

Optional item - Swirl control with reference angle calculation (SWIRL method)

This measurement is used when unstable flow conditions occur inside the duct, in the different measurement points, causing the swirling. In order to obtain the most reliable result, EN-16911 standard describes how to calculate a correction factor in the measurement in the presence of swirls. In concrete terms, the velocity measurement probe is made to rotate trying to reach zero point stability and calculating the displacement angle. The angle calculation set must be purchased separately. The calculation program is already installed on Isoflow 202-Pro calculator and the user will simply have to connect the sensor through the USB port for automatic activation.

AirCube sampler with ISOFLOW



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