For the protection of your employees: Testing of protective masks in one minute before daily use.

Producer: Palas

The Mas-Q-Check was developed to subject protective masks to a quick, simple and yet meaningful test before use. A particle counting measurement device is used, which is able to detect efficiencies in the size range of viruses and bacteria. The system can also be used for training purposes as it immediately shows the efficiency of protective masks.

Two versions are available:

Mas-Q-Check Basic with a volume flow of 9.5 l/min
Mas-Q-Check Professional with a volume flow of 95 l/min (pictured)
Mas-Q-Box consists of an aerosol chamber with aerosol generator for oil and salt aerosols (we recommend this accessory in combination with Mas-Q-Check Professional).

The head with the installed mask is inserted into the aerosol chamber. The PAG 1000 aerosol generator is used to introduce the aerosol into the chamber. In this way, the degree of separation of the mask at the head can be determined with a defined aerosol.

This enables the separation efficiency of everyday masks to be determined quickly and easily in accordance with the new EU directive CAW 17553.

- Confirmation of the degree of protection of masks
- Confirmation of the protection of employees working in medical environment
- Training to show the correct use of masks with direct measurement of the degree of protection
- Evaluation of the real degree of protection in comparison of the FFP Class

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