Fidas 200 – Certified optical particulate analyzer

Fidas 200 – Certified optical particulate analyzer

The continuous and simultaneous measurement of dust particles PM1, PM2,5 PM4, PM10 and TSP, with additional sampling probe with humidity removal system. The instrument is fully in compliance with EN 16450.

Technical parameters

Measuring parameters

TSP, PM10, PM4, PM2.5, PM1 and particle number concentration (P/cm3);

Principle of measurement

Optical scattering of white light

Light source

LED lamp

Certified measurement range (mass concentraton)

0-10 000 µg/m3

Measuring range (particle number concentration)

0-20000 (P/cm3)

Size range

0,18 – 100 µm (3 measurement ranges)

Measurement units


Response time

˂ 2 s

Humidity removal

Intelligent Aerosol Drying System – IADS

Sample flow rate

4,8 l/min


2 pcs - internal

Operation temperature

5°C - 40°C


19″ rack version (450 x 320 x 181; W x D x H)

Pressure and temperature compensation



External check of calibration on site possible


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