Mercury Vapor Monitor VM-3000 – Analyzer Hg

Mercury Vapor Monitor VM-3000 – Analyzer Hg

Continuous gaseous Hg analyzer. Eco design of the analyzer reduces operation costs and saves the environment. The analyzer is suitable for ambient air quality using, for emission monitoring as well as the in the industry or research.

Technical parameters

Principle of measurement

Absorption of UV radiation (CVAAS) – wave length 253,7 nm

Measuring range

0-100 µg/m3, 0-1000 µg/m3, 0-2000 µg/m3

Measuring units


Lower detectable limit

0,1 µg/m3

Response time

˂ 1 s

Optical cell

Suprasil, 23 cm long, heated (because of condensation elimination)

Sample flow rate

2 l/min


7 kg


350 x 450 x 150 (W x D x H)



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