MFP 3000

MFP 3000

Modular filter media test rig for fractional efficiency, differential pressure, dust holding capacity and gravimetrical efficiency in suction mode. Version HF with temperature and humidity control

Application :
For filter media and small filter elements
product development/ during production monitoring.
Testing based on ISO 11155-1 / DIN 71460-1 (cabin air filters)
Testing based on ISO 5011 (engine pre-air filters)
Testing based on ISO 16890 (room air filters)
Other standards in various versions
Fully automatic measurement of the fractional efficiency, the pressure drop curve, the dust holding capacity and the gravimetrical efficiency
International comparable results due to the high distribution of the system

Measurement range (size)               0.2 – 40 µm

Volume flow                                   1 – 35 m3/h (suction mode)

Dimensions                                    680 • 2,500 • 1,550 mm (W • H • D)

Inflow velocity                                5 – 100 cm/s (others on request)

Differential pressure measurement   0 – 5,000 Pa

Test area of the medium                  100 cm²

Aerosols Dusts (e. g. SAE dusts), salts (e. g. NaCl, KCl), liquid aerosols (e. g. DEHS)
Aerosol concentrations - For SAE Fine without additional dilution up to 1,000 mg/m3 (ISO A2 Fine)

Compressed air supply                    6 – 8 bar

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