SW WinEMAG – Emission control software

SW WinEMAG – Emission control software

SW WinEMAG is desiged for collection, acquisition and evaluation of emission measured data. WinEMAG is the control softwarefor commuication with monitoring equipment and it manages its operation, calibration and data acquisition. SW WinEMAG communicate with the superior station (control room) of the emission source. SW provides the automatical and manual reporting of measured data in compliance with the actual regulations.

Technical parameters

Basic functions

- fully in compliance with EN 14181
- manual or remote calibration, including the evaluation according QAL3 (CUSUM)
- monitoring equipment control
- data evalution according to the status signals about the operation of the emission source
- assignment of the data validity attribute according to the set conditions
- data backup
- possibility of remote data transmission to central systems


- possibility of independent connection of measuring devices according to client requirements
- adjustable configuration for individual channels
- adjustable configuration of sampling frequency and data averaging

Data reporting

- automatic comparison with emission limit values
- generation of official reports according to the valid regulations
- export of data to the MS Office of TXT format


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