CT 200

CT 200

Online UV 254 analyzer based on UV absorbance measurement (SAC 254) to determine the concentration of dissolved organic matter (COD, TOC, etc.) in 20 seconds, with no reagent.


Measuring ranges:     0-200 Abs / m (river, drinking water)
                                0-1000 Abs / m (effluents, purification)

 SAC254 measurement according to AFNOR NF T90-210 November 2018 and DIN 38404-C3 standards
Definition of correlation curves for the measurement of COD, TOC and BOD on your application.


 Quick results : SAC COD / BOD / TOC measurement in 20 seconds without reagent
 Long-term reliability of the measurement
UV SAC254 measurement technology.
Automated cleaning system and zero adjustment.


 Functional on dirty water
Large-section hoses limit the risk of clogging.
Optical turbidity compensation.


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