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Inauguration of the Experimental Basin delivered by us

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Inauguration in the Czech lands unique Experimental basin, located on the dump near the village of Vintířov Sokolov. The experimental area of ​​almost 4 hectares is divided into four research fields, hydrologically isolated from the surroundings and fitted with a system of instruments and devices to measure all key ecosystem parameters allowing a complete balance of water, energy and substances in the studied ecosystem. ecosystem. It is a unique system, there are only three similar devices worldwide. The facility will enable the study of a number of key ecosystem processes and will bring knowledge that will not only deepen our knowledge but will also be essential in solving practical problems associated with post mining landscape recovery, as well as with other societally important issues such as drought, flood protection and reducing erosion.

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Pyranometers Hukseflux

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Pyranometers  Hukseflux 289/5000 We are proud to offer a range of Hukseflux Thermal Sensors' top-of-the-range solar sensors • All classes A, B or C according to the latest ISO 9060 and IEC 61724 standards • Top models with heating for best data availability • with worldwide support and calibration

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Christmas closed

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Christmas closed Our offices will be closed for the Christmas period from 24th December until we re-open on Thursday 2nd January 2020.

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PF 2020

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PF 2020

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