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"Continual time resolution measurements of the fine particles in the atmospehre."

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21 Červen 2011

The load of ambient air by fine particles have become a periodic topic in the press, mostly in connection with the limits valid from 2005 or their impacts on man health.
Very important is also transport and extension of the fine particles from the agglomeration centers not even analysis of the separate fine particles sources. We could see this fact after eruption of the volcano Eyjafjallajökull during April 2010 when the main part of the European aeroplane space was closed for a short time. Please find out more about this topic in the actual journal CHEMAGAZIN 3/2011 where our company brought in the article "Continual time resolution measurements of the fine particles in the atmospehre."


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You can see photos from the URBIS SMART CITY FAIR exhibition that took place on June, 5.till June, 6, 2019 at Výstaviště in Brno, Czech Republic.

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closed - April 15 to April 16, 2019

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Dear customers and business partners, we would like to hereby inform you that from April 15 to April 16, 2019 our company will be closed. In urgent case will available on mobile phones. Thank you for your understanding.

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PF 2019

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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