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DAS ( Data Acquisition System ) version Windows...

Producer: ENVItech Bohemia s.r.o.

Universal system for ambient air measurement, independent from the measurement equipment selection, for continuous measurement, running on the operating system Windows NT.

Basic system characteristic:

- possibility to use, for the input of measured values / outputs of measuring devices, analog or digital interface.
- cooperation with other controlling systems used for managing production technology with data exchange.
- input of status signals from the measuring devices, or data modules.
- remote control of the measuring processes.
- location of the controlling computer is optional, we prefer using the 19" stand together with an A4 printer. When the controlling system is located together with the combined measuring device in the 19" stand, the system WinImag 2007 then represents a compact unit.
- the controlling system is located either directly in the technology section /operation/, or nearby in an air-conditioned, double-door container as a compact system, including data transfer to the central computer