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Nanoparticle counter for ambient air monitoring with integrated Nafion® aerosol dryer for up to 105 particles/cm3 (single count mode)

Producer: Palas

The Palas® condensation particle counter ENVI-CPC 100 is a CPC for environmental ambient air monitoring. Model 100 is created for lower concentrations.

The ENVI-CPC 100 is equipped with an isothermal Nafion® aerosol dryer that has no consumables and can be used for months without maintenance. The humidity of the aerosol at the inlet is measured and controlled. Additionally, the ENVI-CPC 100 has a second pump for the working fluid in order to suck it out of a large butanol reservoir. Due to those features it can operate for months without refilling the fluid reservoir.

The cut-off diameter is, as requested for ambient air monitoring CPCs, at 7 nm (see fig. 1). Another advantage is the high aerosol flow rate of 0.9 l/min which reduces diffusion losses to a minimum. The ENVI-CPC 100 can be equipped with a powerful meteorological sensor that monitors ambient air temperature, pressure, humidity, wind speed, wind direction and precipitation type and intensity. An IP65 protective outdoor housing is available.