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Fidas® mobile

Fidas® mobile

Portable hand-held unit for measuring dust particulate PM1, PM2,5, PM4, PM10 and TSP, range 0,2 - 100 μm, flow 0,2 m3 / h, battery power.

Producer: Palas

The Fidas® mobile was developed as portable hand-held unit with battery or mains operation. It measures reliably the dust values PM1, PM2,5, A-dust, alveolar fraction (PM4), thoracic fraction (PM10), E-dust, respirable fraction (TSP) as well as the particle size distribution.

For the emission measurement in exhaust air ducts the Fidas® mobile can be connected with an isokinetic sampling probe. Additionally, the system can seize time-resolved the particle concentration and the particle size distribution within the particle size range from 0,2 – 100 µm in several measuring ranges.

The Fidas® mobile can be equipped with additional sensors for the collection of the ambient conditions temperature, air pressure and relative humidity.

The suction volume flow amounts to 0,2 m3/h