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Fidas® 100

Fidas® 100

Real-time dust monitor for indoor air quality measurements and workplace exposure assessments.

Producer: Palas

It enables the continuous and simultaneous measurement of PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10, TSP or respirable, thoracic, and inhalable mass fractions as per DIN EN 481. In addition the particle number concentration as well as the particle size distribution in 32 size classes per decade within the particle size range of 180 nm – 18 µm are determined.*

The Fidas® 100 uses the recognized measurement technology of optical light scattering of single particles and is equipped with an LED light source with high intensity (dpmin = 180 nm), highly stable output and long lifetime. The calibration of the system can be checked and adjusted, if necessary, easily and quickly also under field conditions on site at any time with the help of a monodisperse test powder.

Interfaces: USB, Ethernet, RS232/485, Wi-Fi
Measurement range (size): 0.18 - 100 µm (3 measuring ranges)
Size channels: 64 (32/decade)
Measuring principle: Optical light-scattering
Measurement range (number CN): 0 - 20000 particles/cm3
Time resolution: 1 s - 24 h
Volume flow: 4.8 l/min