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CO12e - Carbon Dioxide Analyzer

CO12e - Carbon Dioxide Analyzer


Infrared CO analyzer. New energy-efficient analyzer with reduced power consumption. Compared to other analyzers, the AF22e has lower power consumption (about 110W). This significantly reduces operating costs and saves both finances and the environment. The analyzer can be operated using a tablet or a smart phone (display in your pocket). For easy operation, it provides graphical instructions for maintenance and operation of the analyzer, which significantly improves the performance of the analyzer.

Producer: Environnement SA

Range: 0-10 ppm
Noise: 0.15 ppm
Response time: 10 - 90s
Zero drift: <0.3 ppm / 24 h
Span drift: <1% / 7days
Flow rate: 1L / min
Power consumption: 50W (similar to CO12M)
Memory capacity: 12 months (15 min data)
Operating temperature: 0 - 40 ° C
Weight: 7 Kg
Dimensions: 483 mm × 545 mm × 133 mm
3x USB port
1x Ethernet port
Wi-Fi to USB

Other accessories:
LCD Touch Screen - 7 "- 800 (RGB) x 480
Wi-Fi USB Key

Serial interface (RS 232 / RS 422) via USB port
24V DC power supply for on-board applications
External ESTEL Electronic Board
4 + 4 Analog I / O; 4 Remote Control Inputs; 6 Dry Contacts Outputs
CO2 Measurement
Max 3000 ppm
N2 resource request for ZERO