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SHP1 Pyrheliometer

SHP1 Pyrheliometer

The SHP1 pyrheliometer is an enhanced version of CHP 1, equipped with a smart interface. There are two versions, one has an analogue output of 0 to 1 V, the other of 4 to 20 mA. Both have a 2-wire RS-485 interface with Modbus® (RTU) protocol. The integrated temperature sensor and digital polynomial functions provide individual correction for the temperature sensitivity of the detector from -40°C to +70°C.

Producer: Kipp & Zonen

Spectral range 200 to 4000 nm
Response Time (63%) <0.7 s
Response Time (95%) <2 s
Zero offset due to temperature change (5K / h) <1 W / m²
Temperature sensitivity dependence (-30 º C to + 60 º C) <0.5%
Analog output (-V version) 0 to 1 V
Analog Output (-version) 4 to 20 mA
RS-485 2-wire digital output
Power supply 5 to 30 VDC
International Standards (ISO) First Class