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Traffic measurement

05Our company is attempting to obtain authorization for traffic load detection and classification. We will be using RTMS model K3 and RTC of a Canadian company EIS - Electronic Integrated System Inc. based in Toronto for detection and classification of traffic load. They provide radar detectors with a range of 60 meters and a possibility of monitoring up to 8 lanes. ENVItech Bohemia s.r.o. represents Eis in the area of deliveries and installation of the above mentioned systems.



Devices for health service

05Intensive care units are often equipped with nitrogen monoxide inhalers for treatment of illnesses related to lungs insufficiency. By using dosing instrument PULMONOX and lungs ventilator, the patient breathes in a mixture of gases, which serve as a shock therapy. Our company provides exclusive service for these instruments for the Czech republic and we also sell them. The main reasons for a successful cooperation with many hospitals as well as with the company MESSER – the manufacturer of the instrument – are a high specialization of our service personal as well as their quick reaction in case of emergency

  • PULMONOX mini

    Nitrogen monoxide inhaler. This instrument is not available at the...

Thank you 11th February 2007

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Dear business partners, we would like to thank you for your presence at the autumn meeting, which took place in Velké Bílovice on 19th and 20th October 2006. Please find some pictures under the following links: foto1, foto2, foto3. We are looking forward to seeing you.


Christmas 11th February 2007

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Our company will be closed from 22nd December to 2nd January. Thank you for your understanding. We wish you merry Christmas and a happy New Year - ENVItech Bohemia.


Check Point „Clean Air“ 21st June 2007

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Novelty: Automatic monitoring system for air quality control available in your city, your neighborhood or workplace….anywhere you want to breath fresh air and where you want to know who is responsible for pollution – download a leaflet


Open Day – Celebrating 15 years 4th June 2007

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We would like to invite you to a head office of ENVItech Bohemia s.r.o. to a traditional Open Day doors, where you can see the background of our company and you will have a chance to talk to our employees about everything that interests you. The Open Day is organized at the occasion of the 15th anniversary of our company. The Open Day takes place on 20th June 2007 at 10:00.


Thank you for your presence at the Open Day. 25th June 2007

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Dear friends, we would like to thank you for your visit at the Open Day. We are looking forward to seeing you again.