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Own development centre of SW ENVItech Bohemia s.r.o. applications guarantees a perfect adaptation of monitoring, detection, evaluation, visualization and information systems to the needs of our customer. We design simple applications for WINDOWS 95, 98 and higher environment, WINDOWS NT, Client/Server for relational database environment for example SQL, INGRES, ORACLE and in the future also SAP R/3. We also design applications for Intra and Internet and for SMS transfer using GSM technologies or for GIS ARC/INFO, Arc View Info and other application environments. Software centre secures not only the development of standard applications implemented with customer requirements for a specific installation, but also maintenance and development of database of customer collected data logged by earlier systems.

Examples of SW are data logging systems for monitoring of pollutants, emission, meteorological parameters, soil parameters, data transfer systems using commuted telephone lines or radio modems and GSM technology, visualization systems for data presentation at a workplace (control room, dispatching, operation ecologist, environmental department, ... ). Furthermore, we also provide voice generators, light panels, Intra/Internet spreadsheets, balance reports and annual reports in graphic environment.


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  • MeMa

    SW for data logging from meteorological measuring units.

  • Clip

    Tabular pollution data processing

  • View

    Basic presentation SW of pollutants

  • ISOPan

    SW for operation of light information panels (Envitech UTILITY)...

  • FTP transfer

    SW for file data transfer using INTERNET...


    Program allows a vivid view of the measuring station situation....

  • SQL View

    Presentation software included in the CENTRAL-IM package...

  • Central-IM

    SQL database, ENVIBase, WIN / NT operating system development...

  • Envinet

    Software for file remote data transmission.

  • HTML View

    SW website for presenting air pollution data

  • WinEmag

    Measuring and evaluations system for continuous emission...

  • WinImag

    DAS ( Data Acquisition System ) version Windows...