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„Measurement of Natural Radioactivity in Atmosphere and Lithosphere“

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21 Červenec 2015

„Measurement of Natural Radioactivity in Atmosphere and Lithosphere“

The CHEMAGAZIN journal published an article about our new modular station for continuous measurement of natural radioactivity in air, soil gas and water, which was developed under support of The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TA CR) during last three years. The station is developed as a multi-purpose monitoring system for continuous and simultaneous measurement of Radon (and Thoron) gas and its short-lived decay products in different environment (air, soil, water). Environmental and public health protection are the main application areas, together with new concept of a seismic activity prediction possibility. For more information, please follow the link

Closed from April 19 - 21, 2017

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Closed from April 19 - 21, 2017 We apologize to all customers and suppliers, but unfortunately in the period from April 19 to 21, 2017 we will not be present in company. We have team building for employee of ENVItech Bohemia Ltd. (CR) and ENVItech Ltd. (SR). We will look forward to you again April 24, 2017. Thank you for your understanding.

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SR30 pyranometer - Next level digital secondary standard pyranometer

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SR30 pyranometer - Next level digital secondary standard pyranometer SR30 is here. The all-digital next level secondary standard pyranometer, with heated domes, internal ventilation and a tilt sensor, offers the highest measurement accuracy and data availability: it outperforms all externally ventilated pyranometers. SR30 is now commercially available.

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Dubai - our new office

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Dubai - our new office We are proud to announce the opening of our new business premises in Dubai since 1st of May 2016. The office is located at Dubai Media City, Thuraya Tower 1, Office: 1205, Dubai, UAE. We are very happy to be able to serve all our existing and also new customers from such close distance and we see a big opportunity in possible future development of our business strategies in whole region.

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CEM 2016 Lisabon (Portugal)

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CEM 2016 Lisabon (Portugal) We are going to represent our company and exhibit our new products during konference CEM 2016 fair held in Lisabon (Portugal) from 18th to 20rd of May 2016

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Newsletter 2016 -1

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Newsletter 2016 -1 Newsletter 2016 -1

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