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Who are we

The main strategy of ENVItech Bohemia s.r.o. is to provide our customers with the largest possible range of products, in the highest quality. Who are our customers? Since the foundation of our company in 1992, there have been several hundreds of them. Our customers are those who want to monitor the ambient air, create a detection system for safety of the operation of their business, meet the criteria of emission measuring regulation but also those who wish to buy only a temperature sensor. 
Everybody can be sure that our deliveries and service are a guarantee of a strong partner who will ensure high quality solution for many years. The company has been expanding its range of products and service since its creation. Today we design, for example detection systems for industrial operation protecting the health of employees and preventing collision of production equipment. Revenues have been increasing and so has been the staff. Starting with a single employee, the company now has a structure that meets the criteria of ISO 9001 and it has even founded a subsidiary based in Moravia. 
In case of shared projects, the Czech companies are presented under a common name ENVItech Bohemia Group. This group guarantees that the delivery will be completed and the solution will be the best for the customer. 


More information about company can be found here


We have two other offices Valasske Mezirici and Brno.

We own two subsidiaries
- ENVI Moravia IDEA Co.
- Cyprus ENVItech SERVICES


Main specialization of ENVItech Bohemia s.r.o.:

 1. Ambient air monitoring system
- POLLUTANTS – ambient air monitoring systems

- METEO – meteorological components and sensors
- SOIL – soil parameters sensors
- WATER –monitoring systems for water quality monitoring
- ODOR SUBSTANCES – devices for odor substances monitoring
- SW AIR – software for ambient air
- SW MODEL – software for modeling

 2. Continuous emission measuring systems
- gas and solid emission analyzers
- software for emission monitoring systems
- Installation of complete systems

 3. Detecting system for industrial operation
- detection and emergency systems
- stationary and portable gas and solid pollutants detector
- personal dosimeters

 4. Environmental services
- project of monitoring systems
- inside air quality measurement
- ambient air quality measurement
- IPPC (Integrated Pollution and Prevention Control)
- E.I.A (Environmental Impact Assessment)
- Health Risk Assessment
- Dispersion conditions
- expert opinions

 5. Other specialization
- TRAFFIC – traffic intensity measuring systems
- devices for health service



Our sister company is the Slovak Republic ENVItech s.r.o.

Closed from April 12 - 13, 2018

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Closed from April 12 - 13, 2018 We apologize to all customers and suppliers, but unfortunately in the period from April 12 to 13, 2018 we will not be present in company. We have team building for employee of ENVItech Bohemia Ltd. (CR) and ENVItech Ltd. (SR). We will look forward to you again April 16, 2018. Thank you for your understanding.


Sources and effects of Air Pollution by eyes of Sagesse High School students from Lebanon

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Environmental education is a process that allows individuals to explore environmental issues, engage in problem solving, and take action to improve the environment.


Open burning of waste in Lebanon

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ARABLAB 2018 We would like to invite you to our stand at the International Trade Fair ARABLAB 2018 and also to our seminars.


PF 2018

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Our offices are closed from 23rd December 2017 and reopen 2nd January 2018.